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[movies]Okkult House Walpurgisnacht 2013 Vril Mix. - DJ DEB0N▲IR G؆Øϟ
A DJ mix video I made a year ago for a April 30th party. Due to hard drive failures and file corruption it has only now been restored and made available to the public.
Keywords: Witch House
Downloads: 7
[audio]KWOLAR - eoteei're
KWOLAR - eoteei're album (2010)
Keywords: witch house
Downloads: 188 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[movies]Okkult House Walpurgisnacht 2013 Vril Mix. - DJ DEB0N▲IR G؆Øϟ
Witch House video dj mix
Keywords: witch house
Downloads: 105
Keywords: glitch; witch house
Downloads: 12
[audio][bleak035] - Evoke / Invoke - I††
I†† is the project of Chris Hopper, unambiguously positioned in the Witch House/Ghost Drone genre. It is not that simple though. While I†† is obviously influenced by bands like Salem, Mater Suspiria Vision, oOoOO, White Ring and suchlike, it has a very unique approach. Probably it's not really sufficient to pigeonhole I†† as yet another Witch House act, just listen and you may discover there's more to it than that...
Keywords: bleak; eyedoublecross; witch house
Downloads: 226
[audio]Religion Mixtape - Lion Roar
Witch House beats. Old track style.
Keywords: Witch House; Religion
Downloads: 7
[audio]Pirate Radio Ghosts - Neurotic Wreck
Neurotic Wreck's Pirate Radio Ghosts - This was my attempt to create tracks that sound like they could be decayed tape recordings of 90's pirate radio broadcasts.
Keywords: electronic; instrumental; witch house; industrial
Downloads: 75
[audio]±god - сursedmovie (2011) mp3 - Smeh
01. gimme a fix 02. shoot and run 03. you love me, bitch 04. western wall 05. two widows 06. letters to the astronauts
Keywords: dark ambient; witch house; noise
Downloads: 30
[audio]Beyond the Wall of Sleep 07-06-11
lo-fi, witch house and electro
Keywords: witch house; electro; lo fi
Downloads: 77
[audio]Beyond the Wall of Sleep 10-3-2014
Witch house, dark ambient, and electro
Keywords: witch house; dark; ambient; electro
Downloads: 12
[audio]simptom pogremushki - you gotta have a dream - simptom pogremushki
electro/pop EP "You gotta have a dream" by Simptom Pogremushki project /lo-fi, electronic/ tracklist: 1. quantification failed 2. my nearby hectare 3. small secrets 2005 4. fairy encounter 5. tennis! 6. candycloud - http://lesom.ru/sp.htm http://www.myspace.com/simptompogremooshki - Minsk, 2009
Keywords: lo-fi; experimental; witch-house
Downloads: 77
[audio]Rapegraze - Dj Tentacle Rape
Witchouse remix for Dina
Keywords: Witch House; witchouse; Dina Slavensky
Downloads: 33
[audio]Beyond the Wall of Sleep - New Dark Electro 2012
New tracks from the likes of Chromatics, Gazelle Twin, Grimes, Purity Ring, Crystal Castles, and oOoOO.
Keywords: drag; witch house; electro; trip hop; italodisco
Downloads: 198
A blended mix of chill, glitch, and experimental tracks. Spunkshine / Keeping One's Attention Dolor / Our Number AnimA Motrix / A Cloud Removed Wђıℜo / Thє Lєoŋıŋє Hostile Hospitality / Head in the Clouds Ħ∆∆Я₱§ x SKELETONKIDS / Tlen Holy Other / White Label A1 Held (Fort Romeau Remix) Glowflauge / SPRING FORWARD SPECTRΔ / Something to Replace Force Publique / PALE GuMMyBeAR / Arizona Lights '97 Marvin Gaye / What's Going On (NiT GriT Remix) Rachel Haircut / #NICODEINE CRUSH ...
Keywords: electro; glitch; witch house; chillout; experimental
Downloads: 30
[audio]DOWN IN THE FORGE: 03 - Wђıℜo
Episode 03 in the ongoing industrial series. HɅSHMɅLVM / PIT OF BONES monomor✞e / Ведьма ∆TILLL∆ / 1 KHΛOMΛN / ATTRAKTION SIGNAL HeveN / 3 Seppuku Paradigm / Elevator Fraunhofer Diffraction / Sacred FACA MONSTRO / Nibiru Echo Beds / There Is No Liberation In a Continuous Arc Okk▼l† K▲†† / Home R▲dio Vril / Voodoo Winter C♜STLE / GUTTERKSULK Morbidly-o-Beats / Heavily Influenced [dead_doll] / glass out SUICIDEWΛVЕ / ABSENTIA XΛNΛDU / Reentry
Keywords: industrial; noise; glitch; dark ambient; witch house
Downloads: 10
[audio]Sidewalks & Skeletons - Lights (2013-ODT-058)
Release Date: 2013-02-22
Keywords: newbreed; oddot; crystalgaze; witch house; futuregaze
Downloads: 141
[audio]лР- This Is The Ritual. Your Werewolf Is Eaten (2011-WEB-ODT-002)
Release Date: 2011-03-08
Keywords: oddot; newbreed; post-whatever; rapegaze; witch house
Downloads: 288
[texts]The Synthetic Dream Foundation - Where Drowned Suns Still Glimmer ( Industrial Music) - The Synthetic Dream Foundation
A complex mixture of contemporary classical music and downtempo glitchy idm - industrial music, by The Synthetic Dream Foundation.
Keywords: industrial; idm; witch house; chillwave; neoclassical; darkwave
Downloads: 5
[audio]†su†sug▲mus4i - Santa Lingua (2011-WEB-ODT-023)
Release Date: 2011-10-04
Keywords: oddot; newbreed; post-whatever; witch house; memorygaze
Downloads: 293
[audio]Candle Light - Frozen (2011-WEB-ODT-001)
Release Date: 2011-03-08
Keywords: oddot; newbreed; post-whatever; wintergaze; witch house
Downloads: 290
[audio]Sadwave - Sadwave (2013-ODT-059)
Release Date: 2013-03-01
Keywords: newbreed; oddot; crimewave; witch house; futuregaze
Downloads: 225
[audio]⌂ - Spring ∞ Spring (2011-WEB-ODT-003)
Release Date: 2011-03-24
Keywords: oddot; newbreed; post-whatever; memorygaze; witch house
Downloads: 239
A new witch house mix featuring screwgaze, glitch, and drag tracks. OH'Acre / Garden/City ѦPѺLLYѺN'S ▼ISѦGE / Truths (∆AIMON Remix) Drowning the Colossus / Astral Goth (The Ceremonial Dagger remix) ∆TILLL∆ / Funebre – II M‡яc▲ll▲ / Worlds▲parT Tombz / 7 ▷ᴲ▼¡£ϟ SØLVE / svovel WIK▲N / DE▲DLIGHT DISTRICT TR££B£∆RD / This Pillar is My Rival VEILS / PEGASUS DEERDUS† / Lonely But Not Alone preteen pornstar / who besides yourself (††Δ) CA†HEDRA / WTCHS...
Keywords: witch house; gravewave; drag; screwgaze; glitch
Downloads: 116
[audio]Deer Diary - Deer Diary LP (2012-ODT-050)
Release Date: 2012-10-18
Keywords: oddot; newbreed; post-whatever; spacegaze; witch house
Downloads: 232
[audio]VA - Newbreed Vibes III: Classic (2012-ODT-037)
Release Date: 2012-03-08
Keywords: oddot; newbreed; post-whatever; witch house; chillwave
Downloads: 2,096
[audio]Sidewalks & Skeletons - Purify (2013-ODT-057)
Release Date: 2013-02-18
Keywords: newbreed; oddot; crystalgaze; witch house; futuregaze
Downloads: 154
[audio]KVLTIK - OKEAN (2012-ODT-041)
Release Date: 2012-04-12
Keywords: oddot; newbreed; post-whatever; witch house
Downloads: 209
A witch house mix featuring old and new screwgaze, drag, and dark ambient tracks. ƔI▲†∆†▲IƔ / SLIT SIDEWALKS AND SKELETONS / YƟURE ΔLREΔDY DEΔD Future / TONY MONTVNV (TXTBK'S OVT OV THV DEPTHS OV THV FVTVRE DRVG) Implex Grace / Caprica (††Δ) CA†HEDRA / PAGAN PRINCESS CRO¥DON / ¥Ouroboros¥ Mater Suspiria Vision / The Drone Cabinet of Doctor Trance ∆K†I◯N †4 / ch◯◯◯pa FUNERALS / SKELETONKIDS - Colony (FUNERALS Remix) V▲LH▲LL / ÆG1R (They Go Into the Sea...
Keywords: witch house; screwgaze; drag; gravewave; dark ambient
Downloads: 121
[audio]DOWN IN THE FORGE: 01 - Wђıℜo
Episode 01 in a new ongoing series.AMULETS / 7 RAYS:T̹̜̗͈̠̼̀:ڿoŋνΐvΐάじ:T̹̜̗͈̠̼̀:ڿańńΐЂάじ:T̹̜̗͈̠̼̀:ڿlάń:T̹̜̗͈̠̼̀: / Gods Below∆TILLL∆ / IV.9‡CHAMPION‡ / HeartsWychdoktor / In WinterGheists / Unja Stair (Corvx de Timor Remix)I†† / †ALKINGWorld of Metal and Rust / Asphalt SerenadeDead Micro / Mr Gliese 581Textbeak / Interceptor (WMX Remix)Robota / 1003ѦPѺLLYѺN'S ▼ISѦGE / False DogmaHaujobb / Machine Drum (Christopher Kah Remix)ɅST...
Keywords: industrial; noise; glitch; dark ambient; witch house
Downloads: 410
[audio]DEVIL'S NIGHT - Wђıℜo
Happy Devil's Night! This is the soundtrack for all of your antipathic mischief and insidious deeds tonight.∆TILLL∆ / 338∆K†I◯N †4 / ϟϟǷɌƏ∆ƆHƏЯϟϟM‡яc▲ll▲ / S‡gh†-Uηs≡≡‡ηgWIK▲N / PLAGUESVEILS / MARBLE EYESOH'Acre / LarmCorvx de Timor / StaySidewalks and Skeletons / ▼ Message From The Dead ▼D3∆†hh CvL† / PhantasmѦPѺLLYѺN'S ▼ISѦGE / QuietusCONCLΔVE / EVOLUTIONPHANTASM NOCTURNES / They're Coming For YouVinc†ure / YoungFuxV▲LH▲LL / ...
Keywords: witch house; industrial; downtempo; doomwave; glitch
Downloads: 449
[audio][qd-4268] Kulam+++Barang - Albularyo Prime - Kulam+++Barang
What do you call the deep, dark, dubby downtempo music that scares away mainstream fans by its apparent inaccessibility (it's difficult to search for song titles written in ascii characters, for one thing) and its occultish overtones? Well, some quarters call this music witch house, crypt hop, or even dub. We call it the soundtrack music for the insane clowns in your mind. Kulam+++Barang is a one-man witch house producer who finds inspiration in slowed down vocal samples, hip hop beats, and stor...
Keywords: witch house; crypt hop; dub; downtempo; philippines
Downloads: 1,391
[audio]DOWN IN THE FORGE: 02 - Wђıℜo
Episode 02 in the new and ongoing industrial series. (o)†hers / There's Someone Else (feat. ALIA THERA) blacksoundsblack / Scratch That Itch orphaned HOLOGRAMS / vibrational_LOBOTOMY ƔI▲†∆†▲IƔ / Hard Trunks ¥√L / G△Z△ / ReginaDiBologna Cervo / Degelo D/SIR / Mercy (((O))) / Random Noise SØLVE / salt Atsuko & Bruised Skies / End of Time River Bones / Infinite Body Nine Inch Nails / 31 Ghosts IV DATERAPE / Lynquist Elektronik Noir / gnorW Way Ephelant / Witch Fire CIMΔ MUT...
Keywords: industrial; noise; glitch; dark ambient; witch house
Downloads: 13
A fimbulwinter mix featuring old and new industrial, ambient, and downtempo tracks to aid in embracing the cold. FUNERALS / Boo Sra (Druid Cloak Remix) Mars Needs Lovers / Kosmos 1 (HAARPS Remix) ∆TILLL∆ / IV.7 ▲s†aRaT / CÎƦȻⱢ€ ӨҒ ШѺL▼Ḕẓ TRIPTOC▲INE / Black Moon Idotsdot / Dead Time Tess Conway / Narcotica Infinity Frequencies / Fused Bruised Skies / Drifting cthrss / SWAMP Gheists / Thinman (WID3 OP3N G4TE5 Mix by V▲LH▲LL) AMULETS / SICKDAZE DEATHH CVLT / Serum ...
Keywords: witch house; industrial; ambient; downtempo; glitch
Downloads: 425
Just think of this as a quasi-greatest hits album. Some favorites over the last couple of years. 12 tracks as Wђıℜo, 12 tracks as HɅSHMɅLVM; from dark to light, chaos to order. Wђıℜo / Ħousє of Ħєll HɅSHMɅLVM / PROMETHIUM PARIAH HɅSHMɅLVM / NIGHT OF RECKONING Wђıℜo / ℳ∆ŁŁ€ЏƧ ℳ∆Ł€ƒı☪∆ЯЏℳ HɅSHMɅLVM / RɅSɅLɅS Wђıℜo / Δ ЩΔҜỊℕĢ ŁỊ₣Σ (Δutomata-Makєr Mix) HɅSHMɅLVM / ɅLGIEBɅ HɅSHMɅLVM / Good Sun Spirɛ Wђıℜo / PHΛNTΛ...
Keywords: sludge synth; doomwave; industrial; witch house; occult
Downloads: 174
An 80s synth-inspired mix featuring dreamwave, italo, and witch house tracks.Jordan F / Abandoned StreetsMiami Nights 1984 / The GetawayB Kind 2 Me / Depression Partyhalc / Higher Reasoning80s Stallone / DudikoffCom Truise / IwywawHourglass Sea / La ConcordeLost Years / Beneath the SurfaceKavinsky / First BloodSpunkshine / Phreaked UpSex ADDICTZ / ☆JackJack / Be With YouMitch Murder / Midnight Mall18 Carat Affair / Saturday NightOH'Acre / Mehta (i)Psychic Rites / Taking Hold Our YouthWђıℜo...
Keywords: synthwave; italo; 80s; shoegaze; witch house
Downloads: 75
[audio]Sypha Nadon: 4NIC8 [MZR025] Sypha Nadon - Sypha Nadon
4NIC8 is the proper studio follow-up to Sypha Nadon's 2009 album "Our Lady of the Flowers of the Red Night." Due to the sexual content of this album it is recommended primarily for adults, though Wilhelm Reich would probably disagree on this point. "All things fornicating all the time." -Austin Osman Spare Track listing: 1. ! (2:03) 2. Orgasm (4:49) 3. STRIPPER (3:03) 4. Kit10's Shower (0:55) 5. Fucking Lichelle (4:01) 6...
Keywords: Porno Electronics; Witch house; Pervert Pop
Downloads: 375
[audio](((О))) - How To Look Beautiful
Release Date: 2012-12-04
Keywords: oddot; funeral rave; witch house; futuregaze; newbreed
Downloads: 1,128
[audio](((О))) - Forever I Am (2013-ODT-054)
Release Date: 2013-01-18
Keywords: newbreed; funeral rave; futuregaze; oddot; witch house
Downloads: 1,023
An extended okkvlt mix dedicated to the autumn holiday season and the coming dark half of the year, featuring numerous tracks from past and current witch house artists. Wђıℜo / ℜı†Э§ of ŁıŁı†ђ ▲NDRΛS / 30 Legions .:SCYTHE:. / Pulse SKELETONKIDS / Red Woods (∆AIMON Remix) FUNERALS / OUT THERE (Ritualz Remix) BLACK RAINBOVV / S e v e n † e e n (((О))) / Forever I Am WIK▲N / ZOM B TACTICS †GR▲VEL† / NEON REFLECTIONS ∆AIMON / current (Fifty Grand Remix) ∆K†I...
Keywords: witch house; gravewave; okkvult; screwgaze; ritual
Downloads: 59
[texts][ MIST 043] ╪‡†‡╪ Desomorphine
EP m.i.s.t. records 2013
Keywords: Electronic; noise; ambient; EP; 2013; Chile; Poland; drone; witch house
Downloads: 2
Full album in video format
Keywords: music; glitch; witch house; beats; chillwave; ambient; beats
Downloads: 11
[audio][SBWS137] Sweet York - Flower Within - Sweet York
Siberian Experimental Music
Keywords: subwise; netlabel; experimental; chill wave; witch-house; seapunk; idm; electronic
Downloads: 52
[audio]This House Is Full of Noise - This House Was Full of Noise
This House Is Full of Noise proudly presents its complete recordings compilation 'This House Was Full of Noise'. It contains the album 'Mood Disorder', the Fire EP, all our previous singles, the Actionboys and Marteria remixes, two new songs, 'Intro' and 'Lucky Light', and a rework we've done for our critically acclaimed first single 'Pleased at Home'.
Keywords: witch house; ghost drone; darkwave; drag; electronic; dark
Downloads: 59
[audio]△GL△OPHO†IS @ Viernes, El Trece - △GL△OPHO†IS
△GL△OPHO†IS - Liveset @ Viernes, El Trece (Organized by Nucleoroto & WOS 'We Only Share', Dirty Sound Bar, Mexico) 13rd June 2014 Tracklist 1. △gl△opho†is - Ph△leg 2. △gl△opho†is - Wickerm△n + B-Side (Σvil P△ct Intro) 3. △gl△opho†is - △mon 4. △gl△opho†is - Woods 5. △gl△opho†is - S△nd Witch (Haiteku Remix 14) 6. △gl△opho†is - Lvlv (...Running Faster To Nowhere)
Keywords: △GL△OPHO†IS; Liveset; Nucleoroto; We Only Share; Witch House
Downloads: 5
A new okkvlt mix featuring drag, hip hop, and chopped and screwed tracks.Bad America / Pulp☩DU▲L☩ / ▒N▵rcσticS▒ (Armin Van Buuren Remix)3LLL / ECHO CANNONu s a m / I n t e r p o l a t i o nBONES / 水責め (Waterboarding)VΛCΛNT / WandererShmuck the Loyal / So Be ItCrystal Castles / Magic Spells [PORTWAVE REMIX]TERR0RISM / PurePERSONΔ / The Flow of DataHYENV / HologramsLana Del Rey / Summertime Sadness (Cedric G.ETC!x3 - DRVGGED & $CREWED by D‡ϟ☪✺®D‡...
Keywords: witch house; screwgaze; drag; hip hop; chopped and screwed
Downloads: 11
[audio]Body 13 - #026.01: Body 13/♏◍ɲⓄ ㄚ∑ㄅ ∆ῳ▲ℾξ - Body 13
Body 13; #026.01: Body 13/♏◍ɲⓄ ㄚ∑ㄅ ∆ῳ▲ℾξ 1. I'll Slit Your Wrist and Drink It (♏◍ɲⓄ ㄚ∑ㄅ ∆ῳ▲ℾξ Remix) 2. Ceme†ary Drowning (Body 13 Remix)
Keywords: Ambient; Drone; Dark Ambient; Noise; Experimental; Minimal; Witch House
Downloads: 24
[audio]AANN - Algo Pasajero - Mauricio Galleguillos.
JACOBINO DISCOS JA 40 AANN Algo Pasajero www.jacobinodiscos.cl Todos los temas compuestos por Mauricio Galleguillos. 01 - La Gente 02 – Necesita 03 – Calma 04 - Para Poder 05 – Descubrir 06 – Disfrutar 07 - La Verdadera 08 – Felicidad Genero/Genre: electrónica, dance, dub techno, ambient techno, witch house Run Time: 37":57"" SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/aann22
Keywords: electrónica; dance; dub techno; ambient techno; witch house; Jacobino Discos
Downloads: 123
[audio]Haapa - Veroníka - (2012-ODT-039)
Release Date: 2012-03-29
Keywords: oddot; newbreed; post-whatever; witch house; hypnagogic pop
Downloads: 381
A new okkvlt mix featuring drag, hip hop, and chopped and screwed tracks. HAARPS / Cocaine Thuggin (feat. Finanshall & SUPATREE) Lil Black Fist / Last Tribe Mugl / Gangsta E5150 / SUICIDE uphoric / illusive dream Lady Gaga / Applause (Whoxxist Pop Hallucination Remix) PORTWAVE / THE KISS OF DAWN spf5Ø / N V R C H N G E ストップ GRYPT / Love Me (KLMBRNG M∆DL⊙VE Remix) VӨӨRĦĖĖSVỊLLĖ / A Confessionis✝ DWNS†▲†Ξ / Coffin Harbour †▼BF▼CK / DIS IZ WHY I'M...
Keywords: witch house; screwgaze; drag; hip hop; chopped and screwed
Downloads: 13
A new okkvlt mix featuring drag, hip hop, and chopped and screwed tracks. Texture / Face Melter NФΔH ஜ3 / GŁФЯ¥ Фf †Ҥ€ ŁiGҤ† SKELETONKIDS / Tired Civilian Idotsdot / Codeine Demon SLEEPW▲LKR / DE▲†H †R▲P BLVCK CEILING / fvck is yall on (rmx) HOODOO / DOWNLOW (HeveN embracing the holy spirit remix) GI∆LLO / W Ø R K W I ‡ C H (Britney Spears Edit) RITUALZ / GHETTO ASS WITCH (Mr.Kitty Remix) †ENEBRÆ / Halloween Horrors Tombz / ₩ℎ⊙'$ †ℎ▲† ☪ℎ!☪...
Keywords: witch house; screwgaze; drag; hip hop; chopped and screwed
Downloads: 287
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